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American Bail Bonds of Raleigh, NC

     American Bail Bonds of Raleigh, NC has made it our priority for the last 16 years to service the wonderful community of North Carolina, but specifically the Greater Raleigh area.


     Our office posts bail bonds in all 100 counties of North Carolina and many other states.

    American Bail Bonds of Raleigh makes it a priority to keep up to date on all recent news and pertinent information. In this way, each Bail Bondsman with the company can best champion your case.



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Our Bail Bondsmen and Services

    American Bail Bonds has spent years putting together a team of caring, friendly bail agents. Hand-picked, our agents are trained and proficient in providing afforable, speedy service. We have a bail bondsman on duty 24/7 to best serve your family's needs.

Our Bonds Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Free, confidential bond consultations

  • Affordable Bail Bond Services

  • Located at 33 W Davie St Raleigh, NC 27601

  • No Gimmicks, No Scams

  • Friendliest and Fastest Bail Bonds Service in Raleigh, NC

    Call one of our offices today to recieve free, confidential information pertaining to your case and be astonished by the dedicated level of customer support offered by our Bail Bondsmen.
    American Bail Bonds of Raleigh, NC has a combined 30 years of experience. Our licensed bail bondsmen can help you successfully navigate your way through the legal system.

****Beware of scammers and imitations****


We are warning families and defendants to be very cautious when choosing a bondsman and agreeing on the contract provided by the bondsman. In NC, a bondsman may charge, as a fee, no more than 15 % of the bond amount. If a bondsman asks for more, be sure to clarify that any additional money is considered collateral and must be returned after the defendant attends all court dates.


Secondly, be very cautious when choosing a bondsman to work with. There have been families, recently, who were working with what they thought was a bondsman only to have paid the individual and the defendant was never released. Never hesitate in asking to see a bondsman's license to ensure they are indeed licensed in the state of North Carolina.


Consumers should be warned that they may be approached on the streets surrounding the Wake County Jail by solicitors offering their services. It is illegal for bail bondsmen, in Wake County, to solicit bail bonding business in or about the jail. If approached by one of these individuals in the jail please report their activities to the deputy at the front desk of the Wake County Jail.

Additionally, if any bail bondsman claims to be our employee and is not conducting business in the office, feel free to ask why. While imitation may be the best form of flattery, for the real deal, always enter our office and speak with the bail bonds agent on duty.



Don’t wait another moment! Contact an American Bail Bonds agent today. Our Bail Bondsmen are standing by. Call (919) 832-9002 or toll free at 1(800) 285-2245.

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Our office, (Located at 33 W Davie St Raleigh, NC 27601 ) has Raleigh Bail Bonds agents standing by 24 hours a day to assist in this complicated, legal process!






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